Sunday, November 8, 2009

Three weeks and growing

The puppies turned three weeks friday night. They are doing really good the movie a around alot more and are starting to walk. They talk to each other and they take many naps during the day. They are getting bigger and cuter! The mom is doing good at taking care and feeding them when needed.

I will post more pics in the next few day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet the Parents

Honey(Mother)is a pure bred beagle and was born at the end of November 2007. She is a very loving animal and is very family orintated. She loves to go on walks and plays fetch. Honey knows many tricks such as roll over and shake. She gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies between the time of 11pm to 5am on october 16th into the 17th. She had five little boys and three little girls all beautiful and healthy. She is a great mother and makes sure her puppies are happy and safe.

Buddie(father) is a pure bred beagle and was born October 2007. He is a very entergetic and fun. He is also family orintated. He is very smart and knows many tricks. He enjoys to go on walks and play with children. He is a very sweet dog and gives alot of love. He is the proud father of the 8 beautiful puppies.